Tuesday, July 10, 2007

If is sits still long enough... ALTER IT!!!

So tonight was CraftNite, and for a change I actually got some things accomplished. I made the cutest hobo bag. The original pattern used a pillowcase, but I just used a yard of fabric from the $1 bin at our Walmart. My friend Lisa and her mom had made a few of them, so they gave me some much needed guidance on piecing them together. They are so darn cute. I've got fabric to make about 4 more. I'll work on those tomorrow. The pattern can be found HERE.

So... about the altering... I ALTERED MY ATG tape thingie. Well, I spent tonight taping it off and spray painting it. Once dry I'll add some rub-ons and some bling bling!! Lisa did hers too. They are gonna look so cute. And totally unique. I'm so excited about this project.

I finally placed my first order from the new catalog. Basically I ordered everything from pages 88 and 89. I just love it. I think my next order will be ribbon, the pretties, and some of the bling brads. I need to spend some time going thru some of my older scrapbook supplies and 'repurpose' them. Or get rid of them.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Hello, My name is Jana... and I'm a RIBBON ADDICT!!

I have a serious problem. I LOVE RIBBON!!! Give me satin, reversible, stitched, check, gingham, thin, thick, velvet, ohhhhhhhhh glorious ribbon!!!

Debbie at Reasonable Ribbon has such a great selection. It is so easy to give into the 'need' of my addiction. I have spools, clothes pins, cd cases and boxes full of ribbon.

I am so excited about the new ribbon in the Stampin' Up! 2007 Fall/Winter Catalog! Great combinations. I have been carefully putting my first order together. I can't decide and am trying to stay within budget. But it is sooooo hard when there are so many things to love.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Enjoying some family time!

My parents arrived on Wednesday and we have really enjoyed our time with them. Other than my open house on Friday night, I haven't stamped much since they arrived. We have been doing the tourist thing and the fishing thing. Today we took a drive to another part of the island, about 1 1/2 hours away and it was a beautiful day. Yep, we saw buffalo here on Kodiak Island. They were so cool. My dad took a bunch of pictures.

Mom and Dad are leaving tomorrow morning. We have had such a great time with them. Jeff and Dad went out on a Halibut charter. YUMM YUMM!!!

On another note, thank you to those of you who joined me on Friday night for the unveiling of the new 2007 Fall/Winter Collection. I hope you all are enjoying your new catalog as much as I love mine. If you didn't attend and would like a catalog, please let me know and I'll get one to you.

YAY IT IS ALMOST TUESDAY! Tuesday night is CRAFTNITE. My favorite day of the week now. I absolutely love getting together with friends and friends of friends and giggling the night away. I don't know if I have actually accomplished anything, but I have an absolute blast. If you would like to join us... 6pm Tuesday nights. Bring a project to work on... knit, crochet, cross stitch, quilt, sew - what ever you love to do. My stampin' stuff is available to you to use as well.