Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy Wednesday!

I really need to upload some pictures, but sadly, I'm waiting for Gateway to send me a new power cord for my laptop. And, yep, that's where all my pictures of my projects are... on my laptop. So I've been borrowing Jeff's computer in the meantime.

So, since I can't post my projects I'll share some of my favorites...

Becky! You have to see what she has done with acrylic blocks! FANTABULOUS! I am totally falling in love with the Kitchen Sink Stamps she has been using. I love the Holly one and Snow flurry one.

Carol! Harley desk set - SO STINKIN' COOL!!! Carol is my friend (not so secret sistah) from the Cricut board. Her blog is great! And she's a lot of fun, too.

! I am so inspired by Lauren's work. I adore her boxes and cards.

Eclectic Paperie! OMG, you have to see "My Friend Ronnie" I just love her expressions. She is so 'me'!

There are so many more, too. Hopefully my power cord will be here soon and I can post my own projects. Today I was watching Martha Stewart on DIY and she made the cutest lil finger puppets. I think my kids would love them. You can see them here.


Becky said...

OK...The "How did my mom's butt get back there?" ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! HYSTERICAL! HA HA HA HA!! I have to get it. I don't care...I just have to! It is SO true!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Love those stamps!

I'm totally feelin' the love Jana! You're pointing out MY project? SWEET!