Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Sorry it has been a while between posts. We had a nasty bug go thru the house. Carlie was down for a good week and I've had no voice for about 3 days now. I don't feel bad, just a lil tired and I sound horrible.

I'm so behind on stamping projects. I'm hoping to spend this afternoon catching up. I have Teacher Appreciation gifts to do, my mom's mother's day gift to finish. I really need to sort thru things and bag up some past Hostess club projects.

My BFF, Lisa, was so wonderful and used her alcohol inks to color some of the baubles (skittles) from Michaels. So now I have some really cool colors! Lisa has a great blog too! Go check out her blog, and leave her a comment telling her I sent you there!!! She is getting ready to head to St. Croix, US Virgin Islands! I'm gonna miss her something fierce, but at least I'll have somewhere warm to visit when the winters here in Kodiak get to be too much!!!

So how are you spending your Mother's Day? I need to help Carlie finish up her sewing project for 4H. Carlie gave me my gift she made at school. They were page pebble magnets with flowers she drew underneath. Her comment.... "Markers and wet glue don't mix". Her coloring ran a little, but they are absolutely adorable! I love them. She made me an oragami box to keep them in, too. Bubba gave me an envelope of 'cards' he colored. His comment ... "Since I can't just go and use your stamps, I used my crayons instead. See, here, I drew you a stamp". Geesh, I love my kiddos!


Lisa F said...

You're so sweet!!!!!!!!!! I"m about to head upstairs to work on something! I haven't done much all week! I should finish my mom/mil's gifts....

What is up with the weather? Can't it stop raining some time this month???

Denise~ said...

Sounds like a wonderful mothers day and great gifts too. :)

Cassie said...

we spent mother's day at my sister's house - celebrating mom as well as her birthday! she made a yummy lunch! otherwise, very low key! glad ya'll are feeling better!