Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm on a roll!

Lately I have rediscovered the joy in stamping. I have rediscovered my passion for my craft. When I am alone with ink, paper and stamps, I am lost in my own world... and it is FABULOUS!

I did stamp again tonight. I used some of my Thomas Kinkade stamps. I need to set up my studio light box so I can get some better pictures. I even have an area designated for that (where my new tripod will even fit) as I have rearranged the basement.

And yeah, about the rearrangement of the basement. It is coming along. SLOWLY. But coming along. I need to get more totes from Walmart for fabric. And set up my stamping area a little better. I have it sectioned into areas... sewing/embroidery; stamping; hairbows; and a computer area with my Cricut Expression.

I like the computer set up this way a lot better. I'll be taking pictures soon so those of you who saw the 'before' will be able to see the 'after'. I wanted my area to have more of a studio feel to it. So, this weekend my goal is to make some major progress towards finishing. I need to get more gutters too for my ribbon and punches.

I'll post the TK card soon.


Savor the Journey said...

Don't give up on the reconfiguration. With steady effort, it really does 'come together' eventually. Best wishes!